Saturday, July 25, 2009

University City Proposition S Special Meeting

University City Residents for Transparency & Accountability invite you to a conversation regarding Proposition S, the only item on the ballot in the Special Election to be held on Tuesday, August 4th.

We know the position of the city administration. Now lets hear from YOU, the citizens! There have been many statements and concerns expressed by citizens in various venues. Now is the time to bring those concerns into the light and in one common place.

Who: U. City Residents for Transparency & Accountability
What: An honest discussion about Proposition S
When: Wednesday, July 29, 2009 at 7pm - 9pm
Where: University City Library, 2nd Floor Auditorium

Please pass this on University City Residents who are concerned about Prop S.

For those interested in becoming more involved in University, County and State politics join is at University Township Republican Town Hall

Financial irregularities in University City may lead to audit

According to the Post-Dispatch:
Opponents of a quarter-cent local sales tax for municipal operations plan this weekend to start circulating petitions for a state audit of the city. Voters will consider the tax Aug. 4.

Paulette Carr is leading a group collecting required names required to start the audit. State auditors are requrieing 2,233 names.

For more information see: Foes of Univesity City sales-tax hike will seek state audir

Also See:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Massive amounts of government money drive up medical costs

Lee Presser has a very good point here about the high cost of health care.

Government loans and private educational loans tend to send massive amounts of money into our education system. This allows colleges and universities to increase tuition exponentially. Why shouldn't educators increase their fees if lifetime earnings are substantially increased? In the same way easy mortgage loans backed by the government unrealistically drove up the value of homes. Our health care system is heavily funded by the government. Nursing home stays are 90% funded by Medicare and Medicaid. There are even firms that will help you qualify. A large portion of hospital stays are funded by Medicare and Medicaid.

Lee has a very Good point:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Russ Carnanhan on Health Care

At his Town Hall meeting on Monday, Representative seems to be having a tough time selling ObamaCare:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goldman Sachs Web

University City Proposition S Brochure Called Illegal

Last Friday (July 17th) University City Residents started receiving brochures titled "Frequently Asked Questions on Proposition S." Proposition S is a ballot measure to increase University City sales taxes 1/4 percent and will be on the August 4th ballot. There are a number of questions regarding this proposed tax increase including: why as a budget passed just a month ago with the knowledge that there would not be enough money to cover it?

Tom Sullivan, a citizen of University City, sent the City Manager a memo stating that he found the brochure to be be illegal for the following reasons:

1] You are unlawfully spending public funds to support the passage of Proposition S.

2] The brochure does not identify who paid for it, as required by law for any "printed matter relative to any candidate for public office or any ballot measure." There are no exceptions.

3] The City has apparently violated provisions of the Campaign Finance Disclosure Law, Chapter 130, RSMo, having to do with reporting of expenditures made to promote the passage of the proposal.

He went on to advise the City Manager:

I would urge you to get an opinion from your city attorney on the legality of the brochure. Should he claim it is legal, then the next step will be going to St. Louis County Circuit Court to get a restraining order. I also believe criminal issues can be raised surrounding these unlawful expenditures.

For his complete memo see: Tom Sullivan Memo

University City Information

A new website that acts as a clearinghouse for information on the City of University City has appeared on the net. Find them at:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sales tax increase to be on August ballot in University City

Paulette Carr writes:
There have been some real problems with the budget in University City. The City Manager, Julie Feier proposed, and and 4 members of the City Council (Wards 1 and 3) voted to pass a budget that is $1.3M in deficit. In order to offset this deficit they are taking and additional $60,000 from the Economic Redevelopment Retail Sales Tax Fund and moving that to the General Fund, AND they are counting on a sales tax increase of 0.25%, raising our sales tax rate to the highest in the metro St. Louis Area - they are counting on the taxes before even bringing the idea to a public vote! There has been not notification of Prop. S, though they are planning to send out a flier. August is typically a time when people are out of town on vacation, and so they are hoping that only those who know and support Prop. S will show up to the polls to vote.

For more information go to

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Conservative Ascendancy: How the GOP Right Made Political History

Whether you are Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican, if you are a political junkie, you will like a book I just finished: “The Conservative Ascendancy: How the GOP Right Made Political History" by Donald T. Critchlow. This is a history of political maneuvering of individuals interested in countering Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and confronting Communism.

Critchlow documents show how these ideas drew various interest groups, many of whom were not Republicans, together. It follows the nomination of Barry Goldwater for President of the United States, support of Richard Nixon, the first big Conservative triumph of Ronald Reagan and on to the election George W. Bush.

This history covers the losses as well as triumphs of American Conservatives. It covers issues that brought them to power, that cost them elections and issues that divided the Republican Party itself. I think that anyone interested in politics will not be able to put this book down.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Show us the Bill Rally

Citizens are very concerned that massive legislation is being passed without those voting on it not even reading the bill. With health care reform looming on the horizon, citizens gathered in Clayton this morning to voice their discontent.

One of the sponsors was Show us the Bill.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Click here to see larger pictures
TO register your concern, go to Patients First.

Obama visits old slave trading post

During his visit to Africa, President Obama visited an old slave trading post and said this:

While not mentioning the United State of America, he did fail to mention that:
- Our Founding Fathers banned importation of slaves in The United States
- Slave trading actually ended in 1808
- Over many years United States citizens spilled their own blood to stop the institution of slavery
- Europeans were not actually the one involved in the establising of the slave trade on the African continent:

I would be nice to have a little honesty for a change.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Politicians Count Illegals in the Census to Make Money

McArthur's Bakery fears Cap & Trade legislation will harm business

Congressman, Russ Carnahan, Representative for the Third Congressional District, recently voted for Cap and Trade legislation. In a very poor economy, businesses are deeply concerned about the added expenses they will have to pay due to this policy.

Recently, St. Louis businessman, Dave McArthur of McArthur's Bakery put his feelings in lights:

Dave's sign and point of view have spread nationally. Here is an interiew on Fox News:

Friday, July 03, 2009